Rick Duris thinks “The reccession is over?”

by Rick Duris

Yeah, right.

I was at a nice mall yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it.

The large Anchor blue apparel store, once a very popular store, was closed.  It was open just a couple of weeks before.  Bought some stuff there.

Then there was Lane Bryant.  The huge apparel store for plus-sized women.  Today is this particular store’s last day open.

My friend and I went in and he bought some left over mannequins there.  Priced to sell.  $10 each.  These are mannequins there were probably originally bought for $200 each.

I chat people up there. I make them laugh, but they tell me it’s very sad.  They are not being relocated to another store.  They are just being let go.

Then I wanted to do some grocery shopping.  The local Food4Less chain store I wanted to go to, was closed!   You couldn’t even tell it was a Food4Less store before.

Oh my goodness.

However…  about a mile away.  There is a very nice man.  Egyptian, which inspires me at this time because of the revolution.  And I learned a lot from him.

HE just opened a smoke shop.  (I don’t smoke but they wanted to look at the business.) It’s modest store, but he has great ambition. The entrepreneurial force is strong in him.  I see it.

Someday, he will do well. Very well.

There also is another man.  He wants to build a pizza wagon business.  Kinda like taco trucks around here in California.  He’s gonna do it.  The entrepreneurial force is in this one too.

I could go on…

What’s my point?  The way outta this mess is through SMALL business, not large.  The large ones are just as stuck and stagnated as the government.

I’m just sayin’…

- Rick Duris

PS: At the mall, there was a large scale commercial being shot. Must of been 50 or 60 people who worked on the set.  For ALLTEL.

Incredible how organized they were.

But that’s not my point.

My point is it was being shot right next to a AT&T kiosk!

I walk up to the AT&T guy and ask “Doesn’t this piss you off a little?”

He says “Just a little.”

Those kiosks go for a pretty penny. If I was owner of that kiosk, I would have been so mad.  But he was ok with it.

Me thinks, if he’s not on his game, he’s gonna get let go next.

PPS:  Back in Chicago, I saw malls come and go.

Like Bremen Town Mall.  Those guys couldn’t sell space to save their life.  I think they demolished it.

Then Dixie Square Mall.  That one, at least, they got paid to demolish it.  Locally, it’s famous for being the climax of the Bluesmobile chase in the Blues Brothers movie.

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