Rick Duris Thinks Google’s Dialing Gmail In

by Rick Duris

I think Google is dialing things in.  Of course there was the “Google Framer Update.”  This I think is different.

For instance, I have a gmail email account.  I am noticing some strange anomalies.  Anyone else notice these as well?

1. When people send me emails, the spam ones filled with spam words  end up in the spam folder.  Nothing new there.

However, recently I have received blatant stuff like “100% free money”

But today it’s in my main folder.  Amazing.  They did not filter or reroute.  What gives, me asks.

I am almost certain it’s because of Google now is tracking what emails I open.  (I always open this particular SENDER) and has implicitly decided to show me these emails based upon my prior behavior.

The upshot being, with Google, the more people like/open your emails previously  and maybe even click through, THE LESS RELEVANT spam word filtering is.

2. I am also thinking, and I could be wrong about this:

Google is now watching the URLs in your emails you send and the more references and click throughs in your urls, the higher they’ll go in Google SERPS.

In other words, Google is now using gmail intel as a signal in backlinking.

Anyone else care to corrobate?  Thoughts?

- Rick Duris

PS: Obviously, this has major implications for email marketers.  It’s a mind blow for me.

In other words, here’s one of the false positives:

You write an email for a Client. You send it to yourself in gmail.  Of course it’s going to land in your inbox and not the spam folder because well you’re curious how it looks and such.  But that doesn’t mean it will land in other people’s inbox.

There are other implications as well.

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