Rick Duris and the Art of Idea Generation

by Rick Duris

If you like new ideas and inventions, tripped over a cool website the other day:


Basically, it’s a social media site dedicated to new ideas and getting people to comment on them.

Some are duds and DOA.

But some are definitely intriguing.  Like an alerting system for “toe walk detection.”  Seems people with Cerebral Palsy, walk on their toes a lot.  This device would alert someone they are doing it and act as a reminder to walk normal.

Some are also kinda fun.  Like this one:

“We’re lined-up for our morning Joe like junkies at the methadone dispensary…maintaining law and order although we are about to jump out of our skin because someone at the head of the line is complaining about some random, minor inconvenience…that would be perfectly acceptable in any other setting (say the food line after an apocalyptic financial meltdown). Well her cup is too full or the pike roast is too mild this morning etc. You can tell said b%^c to shut it and move on… or you can record the conversation/photo/video and upload to Starb(tch.com. Users submit votes for the biggest daily, weekly, and annual Star(tch. Win — a free Star(btch T-shirt.”

Anyway, worth checking out.  And may act as a bit of a diversion or inspiration.

- Rick Duris

PS: Years ago, a guy named George in Popular Mechanics was creating new business ideas almost daily.  Had a service which you could get new business ideas AND plans to build them out.

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