A Secret to Online Success

by Rick Duris

Today, I am going to share an online secret to success.

I guarantee it will sound mundane, but without it, failure is inevitable.

You may like it.  Or you may not like it.  Depends on how you’re wired internally.

When I first learned this secret, it floored me.  I didn’t appreciate its importance.

And I am definitely NOT wired for it.  So it’s an ongoing effort.

In order to succeed online…

“You have to learn to love ORGANIZATION.  Being organized.  Organizing.

Those who know me, know that is definitely NOT me. More of a creative type, I am.

Now, here’s the secret to knowing if you’re organized:

Are you able to find things when you need them?

Better still:

Are you able to find things QUICKLY when you need them?

The operative word is QUICKLY.

The faster you can find things when you need them, the better off you’ll be.  Guaranteed.

I bucked and resisted this idea for the longest time, but resistance is futile.

You either want to be successful or you don’t.  But if you want to be successful, be organized.  Be able to find things quickly.

- Rick Duris

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