Rick Duris’ Copywriting Research Method Using Google Advanced Search

by Rick Duris

Several copywriters cornered me recently on how I do copywriting research. What I’m about to share is a really good research strategy.

Currently, I am doing some conversion optimization. Autism is the subject matter.

People tell me I’m a master at using Google. But not the “standard Google.” I like Google’s Advanced Search better.  More flexibility.

Here’s how it works:

1. First thing I go to Google Settings and I turn off instant search. Using instant search slows my research process.

2. Next, I set the number of SERPS to 100 per page. Doing this allows me to see 100 SERPs at a crack in Google at one time, instead of 10. (It’s the equivalent of seeing the first 10 pages of Google SERPs.)

3. Then I click the “Open each selected result in a new browser window” box. Because I don’t want to replace my search results with a new page I click on every time.

4. Now I go to the search box and enter:

site:facebook.com “autism” “1000..10000 People Like This”

Then I click on the search button.

What does this do for me?

I’m searching the social media website FaceBook only, for autism-related fan pages which have between 1000 and 10,000 people liking the page.

Sweet! Try it for yourself.

This is the best research data there is.  It’s accurate, it’s crowd-sourced.  It’s relevant, and TIMELY. Like almost newsworthy.

Today, accurate, relevant and timely information are keys to writing high-converting copy. The copy you write will meet the expectations of your audince.  It will be in harmony with what’s going on currently.  This is 10X better than swiping ads, even if they’re in the same market.

(But don’t burn your swipe files. They can be usd as a source of creativity and inspiration.)

FaceBook is not alone either.  You can do the same with other social media websites. For instance:

site:youtube.com/user “autism”

Will get you the top channels on youtube for Autism.

You can do this type of research on any website. As long as you know the footprint/format of the URL.

Once you use Google’s advanced search function on your copywriting project, you’ll have a better idea on how to approach your market.

- Rick Duris

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