“Do you have samples?” Rick Duris replies…

by Rick Duris

Recently, someone was struggling on one of the Internet marketing forums coming up with copy for his video production company.

He’d made several attempts but everything he did was falling flat.

I spent a few minutes and came up with this.  It’s based upon the rather famous Wall Street Journal direct mail promotion:

Short Video Script for a
Video Production Company

One evening, two ambitious Internet marketers listened to the same webinar about how short, captivating videos were producing EXTRAORDINARY gains online.

Increasing leads, customers, sales and profits–almost overnight.

Naturally after the webinar, both Internet marketers were excited. Both set out to create a video for their own websites.

The first Internet marketer, to save some money, tried to create his video himself.

However, once he discovered how painfully complicated and detailed it was to create a professional looking online video, he gave up and hired someone to do it for him.

But after blowing his budget and wasting time on several revisions…

All he got was frustrated and discouraged–and a crappy looking video he hated. One that DECREASED conversions, instead of the opposite.

The other Internet marketer? He got lucky and hired CopyRanger.com–the famous video production company responsible for creating videos for X, Y and Z.

Not only was the video professional looking, it was totally animated.

He was so proud of the final result, he’d secretly watch the video over and over again himself.

The best part? The video started generating sales the same day he posted it online. Amazing.

Video CAN make you more money online. But it has to be done right.

It requires marketing know-how, creativity as well as technical expertise. Plus, a strong eye for detail.

Give us a call at 847-217-3039. Or email us at copyranger @ gmail.com. You supply the product, service or story, and we’ll do all the rest.

That’s 847-217-3039 or copyranger @ gmail.com.


Now please understand, I did this for free to help someone. It took me like 10 maybe 15 minutes. It needs more polish, but it gets the guy going in the right direction.

Video CAN be very captivating.  But it helps to have compelling copy.

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