Rick Duris

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’re looking for a copywriter. Not just any copywriter. You want one you can depend on to make your bank account bulge…

Unless I miss my guess, you want a copywriter who compels your prospects to cough up their email address… whip out their card… or pick up the phone…

If that’s what you’re looking for…

You found him.

When it comes to copywriting, conversion, and online marketing, I am your man.

I’ve been writing compelling copy for the majority of my life. In one way, shape or form. Over the last few years, I’ve been online helping webmasters, affiliates, entrepreneurs and business owners, just like you.

I’ve got the copywriting chops for…

  • * “Grab them by the eyeballs” landing pages…
  • * Ultra-sticky websites…
  • * Squeeze pages that CRUSH it…
  • * Emails that EXCITE…
  • * Sales letters that SUCK THE CASH out of prospects’ wallets…

…As well as any other copy you need to promote yourself, your services and products in their very best light.

Here’s what’s great:

I’m American-born. I’m a copywriter with impeccable English and over 30 years of solid sales, marketing and copywriting experience. Give me the opportunity, and I promise you I’ll give you EXACTLY what you need. When you need it.

I’ll prove beyond question or doubt what I can do for you.

The best part?

I’m ultra experienced and fast.  And that means I can pass huge savings onto you.

So here’s your chance to be one of my next (more than) satisfied Client.

With your help, I’m looking forward to coloring in my review stars and building my online reputation.

And I promise, in return, I’ll “deliver the goods” times ten.

Contact me now. Let’s connect and discuss how to explode your project. I have a SKYPE and US number.

  • Email: Rick92651 (AT) gmail.com
  • Phone:  847 217 3039
  • Skype: copyranger

Rick Duris

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1 Brian King February 27, 2012 at 4:41 pm


It’s been a long time and your story of walking over hot coals while we ate chocolate covered alge balls still makes me smile. You told me back in 2002 to head out on my own and you would give me a hand. Well, I finally made up my mind…….

Hope things are going well. Give me a call sometime.

Brian King

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