March 2011

Social Media Engagement Metrics: Many people judge…

March 29, 2011

Many people judge success by how many follower you have… How many mentions you get… How many likes you get… How many views you get… How many comments… It’s called engagement metrics–and it’s bogus.  It can be faked–easily.  It’s a false positive of social proof.  The folks at mturk got for each positive positive post [...]

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Rick Duris–Welcome to my Sandbox–”Play Nice Out There”

March 25, 2011

When I was a kid, my Dad built my sisters and I a big sandbox in our backyard.  It was really big. I think he built it after I injured myself severely after playing in a big dirt pile next door.  Wally, a friend of mine, accidently stabbed me with a shovel in the hand [...]

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Rick Duris thinks “The reccession is over?”

March 24, 2011

Yeah, right. I was at a nice mall yesterday.  I couldn’t believe it. The large Anchor blue apparel store, once a very popular store, was closed.  It was open just a couple of weeks before.  Bought some stuff there. Then there was Lane Bryant.  The huge apparel store for plus-sized women.  Today is this particular [...]

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Rick Duris Thinks Google’s Dialing Gmail In

March 20, 2011

I think Google is dialing things in.  Of course there was the “Google Framer Update.”  This I think is different. For instance, I have a gmail email account.  I am noticing some strange anomalies.  Anyone else notice these as well? 1. When people send me emails, the spam ones filled with spam words  end up [...]

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Opening for Business…

March 2, 2011

Finally! I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to focus on my own work when I have Partners and Clients who need work done. I registered this domain back in December of 2009.   I’ve done absolutely nothing with it.  Other than install WordPress and a theme. Too busy.  Admittedly, I don’t spend [...]

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